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Meccanoid G15 – Meccano Tech

What is this you ask?  Let me tell you – this is one of the most amazing, ingenious, mind stimulating and creative toys for children that love to expand their minds through creative building.  Just about anything can be built!  The sky’s the limit for your child with a creative flair.  Meccanoid comes with motors and has the ability to be programed and controlled using a smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth technology. 


My son and I embarked on a building expedition creating the amazing 3’+ tall robot, one of many options available to build.  The parts are sturdy and not easily breakable.  We assembled our robot using the specialty tools included which took us several evenings.   While the building phase took time, especially for my 10-year old who learned to decipher the needed sizes of nuts/bolds required for each assembly and how to read exploded view instructions.  The Meccanoid G15 has over 100+ steps to assemble and each instruction page is clearly marked in color with a detailed exploded view that helped.  The building will take concentration stimulating your child’s brain, creativity while increasing hand-eye dexterity. When completed the robot ran a ‘self-diagnostic’ to ensure that it was assembled correctly – a great feature. This is NOT 5-minute assemble, play destroy toy, rather ‘real-world engineering’!    


With the ability using Bluetooth we quickly learned that our I-phone and I-pad allowed us to control the robot’s movements, speech and learning ability. Learning how to program was a snap with the instructions provided and a few minutes of ‘deep concentration’ on my son’s part.  He enjoyed using several of the over 1,000+ pre-programmed phrases for added functionality.  Not only my son, but my younger child got in on the act teaching the robot even more commands.   Each of them loved teaching the robot to learn hand gestures – this toy is EXTREMELY INTERACTIVE like no other we’ve assembled. 


Our completed robot took center stage on our coffee table for days but is now in the demolition stage waiting to be re-invented into a giant dinosaur.  


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