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TURBO RUNNER – ODYSSEY TOYS: Entertainment at its max is what I’d call the Turbo Runner by Odyssey Toys.  This toy is sure to entertain your children ages 8 and up with hours of stimulating fun.  This climbing and rolling quadcopter, with its crash protecting cage, climbs ceilings and walls all using its digital remote

We used the remote to enable the Turbo Runner to do 360 degree flips, some 6 axis gyro moves, climb walls/ceilings, all with its crash protective cage to ensure long life.

My son enjoyed playing with the Turbo Runner, especially in the evening.  When I said ‘lights-out’, out came the Turbo Runner with its led body lights.  Climbing up the walls and suspended from the ceiling, my kid’s laughter echoed throughout the house making bedtime fun. 

A USB is available for a ‘quick-charge’ to get the Turbo Runner back in operation quickly. 

A great toy for encouraging hand-eye coordination, stimulating creative play either day or night.  

Lumi Gaming Drone


Lumi is by far the easiest drone that my kids and I have ever flown.  For starters, Lumi is controlled by an app that you can install on your smart device.  Lumi comes with a beacon that is placed on the ground and helps Lumi know where it is.  

To take off, you just tap the lift off button on the app and Lumi takes off and hovers waiting for your next command.  I love this feature because it was so hard for my kids to balance a drone in the air without it spinning, going too high or smashing into the ground.  There is also a setting that you can use where Lumi will follow you.  To have Lumi follow you, just pick up the beacon and take off.  Lumi won’t be very far behind.  My daughter loves this!  There is also a gaming feature with Lumi that is similar to guitar hero.  If you hit the correct buttons, Lumi flies higher.  Miss a button and Lumi flies lower.  Miss too many and Lumi lands and the game is over.  There is also an option to customize a flight pattern for Lumi.  

Overall, we were very impressed with Lumi – the ease of flying this drone, the price point of under $100 and the gaming ability.

Crystal Growing


In this age of YouTube, Facebook, Google and your iPhone isn't it wonderful to stimulate your child's mind with science.  In particular, with a great new experiment kit - Crystal Growing by Thames & Kosmos.  This amazing and rewarding kit is for children ages 10 and up and contains up to 15 experiments and 13 color-shape crystal combinations.  For the inquiring mind, the Crystal Growing Kit will help your child learn about the structure and geometry of crystals.  They will be able to grow beautiful crystals for their personal treasure chest (treasure box is included) to share with friends and in school. 

Make beautiful crystals as quickly as overnight.  Plus, make beautiful crystal shapes and my personal favorite, make geodes too.  The kit includes a very, very detailed instruction manual, the treasure box, molds, goggles and everything else needed to create the crystals. 

For more information, click here.




Hercules Unbreakable Helicopter


I’ve never thought of the words Unbreakable and Toys as being synonymous before. Can a toy actually be unbreakable?  Isn’t this every Mom’s dream?  My family and I just spent hours playing with our newest favorite outdoor/indoor toy, the Hercules Unbreakable Helicopter and the Nano Hercules by World Tech Toys.  These helicopters are touted as being unbreakable and we really put them through their paces.  The company advertises that they can withstand up to 200 pounds of force and I now believe it.  Not only did we experience hours of enjoyment, but the helicopters dropped from the sky, fell out of the car and genuinely took a beating at every turn and kept on flying.  Think of them as the energizer bunny of remote control toys that keeps going, and going and going!

Made from a lightweight polymer frame which can take up to 200 lbs of pressure.  The helicopter uses a 3.5 channel infra-red control making them perfect for indoor use.  These helicopters feature a built-in gyroscope which makes it easy for novices or more advanced operators to fly.    And, best of all, charging only requires the USB cord be plugged into your laptop – how easy is that.   Or, when on the go just use the charger attached to the remote control.   


Be sure to check out World Tech’s other toys like their cars, trucks, trains and robots just to name a few.   Learn more about these amazing Helicopters and other remarkable products on-line here.




Helix X4 Stunt


The Helix X4 Stunt has got to be the coolest remote controlled airborne vehicle for a 12+ child that I have seen!  This guy can flip, do barrel rolls and move in 8 different directions.  And can I say just how cool this is???  To start, it looks completely different from your typical's a quadcopter and it looks like something out of a Startrek movie.  Red, black and crash resistant...yeah, I crashed this a couple of times learning how to fly it and it held up well.  What I love is that the remote control has a novice and expert setting.  In other words, both your husband and son can play at their respected level.  And yes, your husband probably will bag this so my advice is to buy two!  For more information click here.




Make-Up Artist Sketch Set

That’s what your little makeup artist will be saying after creating a beautiful and glamours look using her Make-up Artist Sketch Set by Fashion Angels.  Ready for that photo shoot or to go out on-the-town, your little artist will have all the tools necessary to create that am, afternoon and evening look for special occasions. 

The Make-up artist Sketch Set includes 50 pieces which includes eye, lip and cheek colors and brushes.  The Design Guide is easily read with its oversize detailed photos to help in achieving that special look.  Use the design pad and colored pencils (all included) to practice before applying actual eye, lip and check colors.  Your little darling will be the talk-of-the town with her new look.  Who knows, you could have a new makeup designer heading to Hollywood in your midst. 

For more information on the Make-Up Artist Sketch Set and other products by Fashion Angels please visit their website.




3D Nail Art Design Set


What’s the hottest rage in the tween group this year?  3D Nail Art – of course you already knew that – right?  It’s taken over in my home and who would ever think of putting just a plain color of nail polish on their nails, or even a clear coat anymore! 

Fashion Angels has created the most adorable kit for young ladies that I have ever seen – their 3D Nail Art Design Set.  It’s perfect!  Girls as young as 8 or even as old as my grandmother have been enjoying them at our home.  The kit includes the most beautiful gems, charms, sequins, stickers to apply perfectly to add that exquisite professional look.   Also included, for that budding nail artist, are the ‘Nail Design Planning Sheets’ and detailed design samples. The kit includes 100 pieces and is extremely affordable making it a great gift for any occasion.  

For more information on this product and others by Fashion Angels please check their website.




14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot


Build this 14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot by Robotikits to work on land or in water, yes I did say water.  Powered by the sun, your child (and you too) will enjoy hours of creative fun building and playing with this toy. Whether you are a beginner or advanced builder you can enjoy building and learning how the fundamental moving robot parts work.

The parts can evolve from a wagging tailed dog to a running beetle, to a walking crab, to a surfer, to a speedster, to a zombie chaser... you get the picture!  Lots of accessories are included in the kit too.

There are no batteries needed as direct solar energy is derived from the sun for power.  You will be able to build 14 different solar models that will actually move.  There are easy to following instruction too.

For more information please visit





Space Fleet


Build this awesome Space Fleet by Robotikits, and it's rechargeable too.  Powered by the sun, your child (and you too) will enjoy hours of creative fun building and playing with this toy. Whether you are a beginner or advanced builder you can enjoy building and learning how the fundamental moving robot parts work.

The parts can evolve from a Space Station to a robot, to a rover, to a vehicle, to an astronaut, to a shuttle or a dog - you get the picture!  There is a very small solar panel which uses indoor halogen light or sunlight to keep this little toy going for hours of fun!  Lots of accessories are included in the kit too.

There are no batteries needed as direct solar energy is derived from the sun for power.  You will be able to build 7 different solar models.  There are easy to following instruction too.

For more information please visit




Skylighter Flying Disk


I have fond memories of playing frisbee with my parents as a child and was so excited to receive a copy of the Skylighter Flying Disk in the mail.  The Skylighter Flying Disk is similar to a frisbee but with a complete make-over.  For starters, the disk is largetr than a frisbee and has bright neon colors that you can select from for the rim of the disk.  We had bright green.  Also, the coolest feature of the Skylighter Flying Disk is that it lights up from the middle.  Yes, you heard me right!  With a flick of the switch, light extends out from the middle thanks to two very small batteries that you don't even really notice.  We took our Flying Disk to the park and had a blast and with the light in the middle we were able to stay out later into the evening as well!  I wwas worried that this would be difficult for my 3 year old bugt she picked up on it right away.  This is the perfect fuss and no mess!  I am definitely packing the Flying Disk on our next camping trip as I am always looking for something that the whole family can enjoy.  Way to go Skylighter Flying Disk...way to light up the sky and provide endless hours of fun.  For more information click here.




Tenkai Knights


From Ionix comes the Tenkai Knights kits.  Assemble these bricks which will transform into a warrior or many different knights.  For ages 6-14, this pack of miniature blocks are easy to assemble.  The blocks are precision made and fit extremely well into each other. 

We loved building our knights and my son would like to own the entire set of these action figures.

For more information please see





Word A Round


Think Fun has done it again by creating a game that's lots of fun and educational without the kids even knowing that they are learning.  Word A Round is a quick paced card game that promotes reading and word recognition.  Here's how it works, you flip over the card and the first person to read that card gets to keep it.  Simple right? Wrong?  The words are not written in a straight face, the are written in a circle pattern making it challenging to read.  This game is going to be on our list for family game night.  Thanks Think Fun!  For more information click here.

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