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Farm Playset: Old MacDonald’s Farm has been updated with the new Farm Playset by Green Toys.  This 12 piece set comes with 2 Farmer Cows, 2 Pigs, 2 Sheep, 4 Fences, Hog Shed, Barn and even includes a Pickup Truck!  


Old MacDonald might have had a farm but it was nothing like this!  Little ones will enjoy helping the Farmer Cows drive their new truck to the farm to take care of the animals.  Best of all, all of the pieces fit inside the barn so it’s easy to pack up and take to a friend’s house or to Grandma’s! 


All Green Toys are made right here in the USA so shop local and put this Farm Playset under your Christmas Tree. Great for kids ages 2-6


Gone are the days of glitter everywhere, paints spilled on the floor and clay stuck to the tabletops.  The Messmatz is an award winning non-toxic, food grade silicon mat for easy containment of craft items for play and education.  The mat is a large 24” X 18” and holds items that are liquids, solids, paper, clay and paints.  This ingenious mat is the perfect surface protector for your tabletops and floors and rolls up for easy storage.


We took our new Messmatz outside and used it first for finger paints.  The mess was contained and cleanup was a breeze by just hosing off the paints.  We wiped the mat and dried with a towel and rolled it up for easy storage.


The next day we tried it with glitter, again outside, and realized that this was a definite keeper.  We called it our ‘Contained Fun’ matt as all the glitter stayed on the matt, not on the tabletop or floor.  After watching how easy it was to let my little ones work on their project I’m seriously thinking of using it for my projects as well – possibly scrapbooking and/or holiday crafts.


This is going onto my Holiday list for my friends with children.  Thanks Messmatz for a great useable product the entire family can enjoy!



Fire! Fire!  There is an emergency!  The Fire Station Playset by Green toys comes alive as the doors to the fire station swing open and our heros hop in their firetruck and race out of the station to save the day.  In this epic battle, we have 2 firefighter cats that are going to save the day! 


There is something so classic about a fire station…everyone wants to be a hero and the littles in your life are going to love this one.  In addition to our 2 Firefighter Cats, this toy comes with 2 bunkbeds, a command center, fire engine with water cannon and fire station.  And, one of my favorite features is that you can close it up, grab the handle and take it with you to Grandma’s or on a playdate. 


Also, all of Green Toys are made in the USA.  Shop “local” and make sure this is under the Christmas Tree this holiday season. For children ages 2-6.

Plasmacar: You’ve seen this ride-on car but have you really tried it yet for your little ones?  Just the name implies something from another world but don’t let the name fool you.  It’s the most fun a kid can have on wheels.  This low-to-the-ground ride is part shooter, part skateboard, part car at a new level of fun. I wish there was one for me too.

Assembly was a snap as each part easily snaps together in no time while my children fought over who got to ride first.  The kids were especially anxious as we live on a slight hill and the PlasmaCar is even more fun on hills.  Oh, but don’t think hills are the only way to use this toy, nope!  Just zig-zagging the handlebars right to left gets you anywhere you want in speedy time on floors or outside.  And the best part, no batteries required making this a quiet toy except for all the yelling on the sidelines waiting for their turns.  You'll love the sleek design that won't nick your walls, doors and trim. 

The PlasmaCar is a great way for children to get their daily exercise inside or outside.  A great toy every household with younger children should own.




Every time I take my daughter to the grocery store she wants to buy me one!  While I love that my daughter wantes to buy me flowers, it's starting to cost me some money.  You know what I mean, "Mommy, can you give me some money so I can buy you flowers?"  When I received the Build-A-Bouquet by Green Toys in the mail, all I could think about was the money that I'll be saving at the grocery store.  Now when my daughter wants to buy me flowers, I encourage her to make me a flower bouquet with her new toy instead.  She's happy and I'm happy.  Build-A-Bouquet allows her to customize her flowers by mixing and matching flower petals, stems and leafs.  I love that eery time she is making a flower bouquet, that she is working on those all important fine motor skills too.  And, Green Toys is a "green" company too.  Build-A-Bouquet is made in the USA out of 100% recycled plastic milk jugs.  Saving green and going green makes Build-A-Bouquet a home run.  For more information on Build-A-Bouquet, click here.




CitiBlocs Dollhouse


Every once in a while a toy comes across my path that leaves me saying, "Why didn't I think of this?" CitiBlocs Dollhouse is one of those toys.  Each block is designed with a pink pattern so that when you put them together you have a beautiful pink house or anything else your little girl can imagine.  I especially love the Mom and Daughter character blocks that are included in the set.  My daughter loves to pretend that she's the mommy!  Best of all, each set comes with 110 blocks and a great carrying tub to put them back into when you're done.  There's nothing more frustrating for a child than to not have enough blocks to complete their design and nothing more frustrating for a mom than not having a place to store the blocks when the kids are finished playing.  For more information click here.




Interactive Scare Sulley


From Spin Master and Disney's Monsters University comes the Interactive Scare Sulley.  Sulley is here to challenge your little one to the Ultimate Scare Off Competition.  My little guy is absolutely in love with Sulley and this was the perfect gift.  There are 5 different ways to play with Sully: scare training, speed scaring, scare-o-meter, room guard and the scare off.  Here's how it workds, in scare training, Sully coaches your little one on how to get the most scares.  Then, there's speed scaring to teach your little one to roar as fast as they can.  My little guy loves the scar-o-meter becasue he gets to practive his scares and Sully rates his cool!  The room guard setting has Sully scare anyone who comes into the room...perfect to get rid of those monsters hiding in the closet or under the bed.  Our favorite setting is the scare off.  My little guy loves scaring Sully off his feet!  Super cute and I highly recommend.  For more information click here.




Learn Italian Discover Set


From the award winning flimmaker, mom and daughter of the internationally acclaimed language teaching pioneer, Dr. Paul Pimsleur and Julia Pimsleur, comes learning languages for little children ages 0-5.  The Little Pim fun with languages DVD's come in a 3-pack set which includes eating and drinking, wake up smiling and playtime.  This amazing instructional dvd is the recipient of over 25 awards and has been featured on many TV shows.  If you don't want to use dvd's then purchase the iPad version at the App store.  The Little Pim language series comes in 11 languages including: Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian, Hebrew, Russian, French, English, Japanese, Arabic and Portuguese.

I recently introduced my child to the Italian language through the Little Pim series and was amazed at how interactive the series is.  a little Panda, and who doesn't love a Panda, is the series teacher who will laugh, play and guide your child through the basic building blocks for learning a second or third language.  This is fun even for the whole family.

Each dvd introduces 60 new words and phrases with on-screen phonetic pronunciation and optional subtitles to help parents, plus a Parent Guide with helpful tips.  This is the perfect tool to use to immerse your child in a new language at the perfect age. 

Too enjoy the free games, tips, and the Little Pim store click here.




How Tall Am I?


The How Tall Am I game combines two important things with my kids...dress up and measuring our height(my oldest is obsessed with wanting to be tall).  This is such a fun game and my kids really enjoyed playing.  My youngest is all about dress up and loves being ab le to mix and match the outfits of the characters in this game while my oldest loves measuring to see how tall his character is.  Here's how the game works, you roll the die and select which ever body part shows up.  For example, if you roll the head, you slect any "head" that you like.  This goes on until you have selected each body part.  At the end, you measure your character and whoever has the tallest person wins.  The fun comes in with the ability to mix and match the characters.  For example, you could have a clown face, policeman body and fireman shoes.  Each time you play, you can create an entirely different character.  The measureing ruler is so easy to use for the kids and I love being able to work on some science and math skills at such an early age.  My 3 year old still needs a little bit of help measuring but she can definitely put together a character all by herself.  My 6 year old can do everything himself and needs no assistance.  If you are looking to give your kids hours of enjoyment then check out this game.  For more information click here.




Play-Doh Letters and Shapes by Silver Dolphin


You've probably played with Play-Doh as a kid, I sure did, but you have never seen Play-Doh like this.  From Silver Dolphin comes Play-Doh Letters and Play-Doh Shapes.  These are so ingenious and the perfect gift this holiday season.  Each pack comes with a built in book, playh-doh, specialized cookie cutters and a play-doh mat that the kids can interact with.  In the Letters kid, there is a story about the alphabet adventure in school, and fun and adorable letter cookie cutters that you can play with on the interactive mat.  The Play-Doh Shapes tells the story about a big brother bear and a little sister bear as they embark on their journey to find shapes.

To say that I am very impressed with this product is an understatement.  Silver Dolphin has taken something old and made it new again.  These sets are the perfect accompaniment to take over to Grandma's, a vacation or for rainy days at home and are my new go-to toys for furture birthday parties that my kids are invited to!  For more information click here.




Sequence for Kids


Every holiday one of our family traditions is playing Sequence.  For years my little ones had been wanting to play but were just to young.  You can imagine how excited my kids were when they received Sequence for Kids in the mail.  Sequence for kids has animal cards that the kids them match up on the board...just like the adult version of the game.  I love that this game works on picture recognition and thinking skills for the kids.  This holiday season we are going to set up a kids Sequence table right next to our adult Sequence table.  For more information on Sequence for kids click here.

Splash Pals by Winning Moves


Let's take a memory game to another dimension.  From Winning Moves comes a great game for indoor and outdoor play with amazing possibilities.  We just played this waterproof game of memory, math and simple recognition possibilities.  It's not often that both my 3 year old and my 6 year old can enjoy the same game while stimulating both of their minds.  The Splash Pals card deck does exactly that since children from the ages of 2-6 can benefit from the educational features.


The game consists of a large deck of waterproof cards perfect for a bathtub or pool and marked with numbers, faces, bodies and feet options.  The object is to match (or mix & match these fun characters, stick them to the side of a bath tub or other object and collect as many as you can.  Each card has a point value and the winner is the one with the highest number of points at the end of the game.  Of course we tried it and loved it in the bathtub but we just had to play Splash Pals in our swimming pool.  This was so much fun tht the kids keep asking for us to toss the cards out into the pool again so they can swim for their favorite cards.  The cards are perfect for vacatikon too; they are lightweight, washable and come in their own mesh bag with a Velcro closure to allow drying. 

Tickled Pink Minnie


Pink and Pretty, Disney by Just Play has done it again with Tickled Pink Minnie.  I don't know about your little ones but Minnie is a huge deal in my house and the Tickled Pink Minnie is absolutely adorable!  I wish that I had a toy like this when I was little.  All you do is press Minnie's hand and tickle her tummy to hear her giggle and watch her hair bow light up.  So simple and easy that my toddler can make Minnie laugh all by herself which gives me some much needed Mommy time.  This is one of the cutest pre-school toys for little girls!  For more information click here.

Learning Toys for iPads


Take your iPad to the next level for your child with the Tiggly Learning Toys for iPads Shapes.  Recently I received a new toy that is a perfect blending of the digital and physical play for children and my little ones just loved playing with this new way of learning shapes and colors.

The Tiggly comes with 4 basic shapes in primary colors which the child places onto the iPad.  But wait - not just the iPad, but onto one of three iPad Apps provided in the App store by Tiggly.  In the App store you will find Tiggly Safari, Tiggly Stamp and Tiggly Draw all down-loadable for free. 

Tiggly Safari use the colorful shapes to construct friendly animals from the jungle, farm and sea.  Tiggly Draw unleashes your artistic and musical inner self by creating digital works of art, music and imaginary creatures.  Tiggly Stamp - go ahead, be creative and create jack-o'-lanterns to igloos to build seasonally themed scenes and tell stories about what you created.

Don't worry about where you'll keep those colorful shapes as Tiggly has thought of everything with the two little draw string pouches included with each set. 

For more information click here.




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