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I was excited to receive a sample of Para’Kito Mosquito Repellent because it’s a natural product that uses essential oils to repel mosquitos.  The way it works is very simple.  Each kit comes with a refillable clip and 2 pellets which are good for 15 days each.  When I opened the pellet, there was quite a strong sent from it but it did not smell bad like some of the spray on mosquito repellents did.  I waited to test this out at dusk in my backyard to see if it would work and I clipped it onto my belt loop.  For the first few minutes of wearing the clip, the mosquitos did not seem to notice and were more interested in coming at me.  After several minutes of wearing the clip, I did notice that the mosquitos did finally decide that I wasn’t worth it and left.  I will say that the scent from the clip is strong and you will be able to smell it but that’s really no different than the spray on repellents.  I also recommend placing your clip in a Ziploc bag when it’s not in use so that you don’t have that scent in your home or garage.  Overall, it does what it says it would do; repel mosquitos and it’s nice to not have to actually have the spray on your skin.



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