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ollie Darkside by Sphero

My family and I are technology nuts and we are so in love with almost anything that can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth technology.  Darkside by Sphero is just one such toy.  And by toy, I mean older child or even husband toy!  This is perfect for ages 8 and up. 


Think of Ollie as a futuristic racing device that has hubcaps, led lights, can run great off road and reaches speeds of up to 14mph.  This app enabled racing robot is amazing and at the top of our holiday list this season!  This can go down stairs, spin and do tricks.  When you open up your Ollie you’ll want to make sure to charge it with the USB port for about 3 hours which will give you around 1 hour or so of racing.  So much better than having to charge all night for only 20 minutes of play time! 


Once Ollie is charged, you’ll need to download the Ollie by Sphero app to either your phone or tablet and then sync that with Ollie…this is how you will control Ollie.  Once the app is downloaded and synced with Ollie, you can play around with the app and customize the settings.  You can choose if Ollie is going to be on a hard or soft surface, or even if there is a lot of room for Ollie to drive or not.  I personally love that so that when my oldest is driving Ollie in the house, I don’t have to worry too much about him running it into the walls!  Some of the other adjustable settings include: speed, acceleration and handling.  Something my son likes is having the ability to change the color of Ollie’s lights.  On the app, you can also take a tutorial or click on the info tab that will give you instructions on how to control Ollie and do tricks as well.  Ollie is also very easy to drive with your tablet/iPad.  All you do is move your finger up/down/side-to-side to make Ollie go. 

Overall, Ollie is a super fun high tech toy for children and adults alike and this will make a great holiday/birthday present for the kid in your life or the kid at heart.


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