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goldie blox craft-struction box

Welcome Craft-struction Box!  This is every parent’s dream who has a child who wants to be independent and does not want to have to follow instructions but wants to “free build.”  My 5 year old daughter is more of a 5 year old going on 15 and while she absolutely loves building sets and following instructions with me…she also enjoys being a big girl and figuring out things on her own and letting her imagination run wild.  The craft-struction box by Goldie Blox allows her to do just that!  My little one has gone from playing with blocks to building things out of paper and glue and for her, the craft-struction box is such a natural progression for her to continue building and designing.   Each Goldie Blox product has a certain engineering skill that they build in children and this craft-struction box works on the skill prototyping.

This set comes with over 275 pieces and includes stickers, tags and instructions on how to build a : fling flyer, spring car, pom-pom-apult, balance bot and several others or…you can free build which is something that my little one l-o-v-e-s!  I also love the fact that they have a website: where my daughter can visit to watch weekly how-to videos to build something new.  If Goldie Blox is not a household name yet, it should be.  I highly, highly recommend Goldie Blox to every young girl and plan on giving these out as holiday presents to some of my daughter’s friends this holiday season.  



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