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firetek zyclone & firetek crossbow

To say that my kids are huge fans of Zing is an understatement.  We love reviewing all of the new Zing products and are so excited about two new toys from Zing: Firetek Zyclone and the Firetek Crossbow. 

The Firetek Zyclone is an awesome ring blaster that is illuminated so you can play with it at dark.  I have never heard of a ring blaster before so this is a first for us.  The ring looks to be about 6” wide and is very light weight.  Something else that is a plus for this toy is that it’s so easy for kids to set up…not much assembly required.  All you have to do to play is load the ring in the blaster and pull the trigger.  I wish all toys were that simple!!!  We quickly created our own game with this toy.  My oldest stands on one side of the park and my youngest on the other.  When he shoots the blaster, she tries to catch the ring.  Then they switch and it’s his turn to try to catch the ring.  I also love that the ring glows in the dark which makes it a great toy to play with now that it is getting darker earlier heading into winter.  {Last year one of my littles shot a Zing Light Up Arrow up in the tree.  If it was not a lighted toy, there would be no way to find it.  Thankfully, the rocket had a light and we were able to recover it}.  The Firetek Zyclone would make a great Christmas gift for the kids in your life and is only at Target for $29.99 and recommended for kids ages 6+.

The Firetek Crossbow is such a fun outdoor toy that is so easy to use.  Line up your arrow with the loops, pull back and release.  My favorite thing about the Firetek Crossbow are the light up arrows…for all of the reasons that I mentioned above.  This toy is designed for kids 8+ and flies up to 45 feet.  Something new to the Firetek Crossbow is the scope that helps to give the kids better accuracy with their shooting and we are loving this new version of the Firetek Crossbow.  If you are looking for a great outdoor toy that requires minimal adult supervision or toy set up, then you are going to love the Firetek Crossbow.  This can be purchased exclusively at Walmart for $29.99

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