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Finding Dory Pool Toys

Happy Summer!  When my family thinks about summer, we think about going swimming and each year, we get at least a couple of new water toys.  We were so excited to check out some new pool toys from Hasbro this year including: Aqua Rider(cool pool noodles) and two new toys from the movie Finding Dory including: Disney's Finding Dory Dive Characters and Disney's Finding Dory Mr. Ray's Dive Game.

Aqua Rider


Who doesn't love a great pool float!  My kids loved playing with the pink flamingo and green turtle.  My daughter actually loved pretending that her flamingo was looking for fish to eat in the pool!  Highly recommend these Aqua Riders to take the pool noodles to the next level.


Disney's Finding Dory new Pool Toys!


I just saw the new Finding Dory movie and am such a big fan.  I was so excited to learn about these Finding Dory themed pool toys.  The Disney's Finding Dory Dive Characters pictured in the back are nicely constructed and do have some weight to them to make them sink on their own.  Both of my kids loved diving for Dory!!!  


Disney's Finding Dory Mr. Ray's Dive Game


This is a really neat and fun game to play in the pool.  What you do is you use Mr. Ray and his net to rescue the other fish and sea life before they fall to the bottom of the pool.  My son loved playing this game on the big step of our pool.


How to play

1. Put all the fish/sea life in the water.

2. Take your Mr. Ray net 

3. Scoop up all the fish before they hit the bottom of the pool.

Have fun!



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