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cubelets twelve

Want to guess what’s under our Christmas Tree this holiday season?  The Cubelets Robot Blocks from Modular Robotics.  I am a big fan of STEM Toys – Toys that encourage children in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathmatics and these Cubelets do just that!  

In fact, Time Magazine says that Cubelets are, “The Smartest Toy Blocks Ever Made.” 

We received the 12 cubelet package and that comes with: 12 cubelets, micro USB cable, robot builder’s handbook, individual cards that tell you exactly what each cubelet does.  In fact, the cubelets each have their own identity which really makes this great for children.  

Below is the list of the different cubelets included in our set. 


~ Battery: Powers your cubelets

~ Bluetooth: Wireless communication for cubelets

~ Drive: Get’s things moving (We have 2 of those in our set)

~ Flashlight: Lights up dark places.

~ Rotate: Makes things spin around.

~ Distance: Senses how far away things are (we have 2 of those in our set)

~ Brightness: Senses light intensity.

~ Inverse: Flips the signals from cubelets

~ Blocker: Blocks signals from cubelets

~ Passive: Connects cubelets together.

On each cublet descriptive card, there is a Robot Challenge that encourages children to find a way to solve a particular problem.  I love the Robot Challenge for the Inverse Cubelet which says, “Make a robot that can sense where walls are and stops before running into them.” They also give me a hint…”Try using the Drive and Distance Cubelets.”



Besides asking you to solve problems, children can also open up the included Robot Builder’s Handbook to find instructions on how to build several different functional robots.  My favorite is the Night Train and the darker it gets, the faster the train will go!

Cubelets are also Bluetooth compatible.  To get started, I download the Cubelets app onto my smart device and then enjoyed a whole new world of interactive play.  

Overall, I give Cubelets a 5 Star Rating as a great product to encourage children to think outside of the box and promote problem solving skills.

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