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While there are some toys out there that are purely for entertainment, I’m more of a sneaky mom myself and I love sneaking in a toy that is actually teaching something while my kids are playing. 


STEM is such a buzzword right now and if you haven’t heard of that acronoym yet; it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  The Magformers line of toys helps children grow in spatial awareness and builds problem solving skills as they work through and discover how to build the shape they desire.  Each of the pieces has a brightly covered rim and underneath are magnets.  This allows children to design anything that they can imagine. 


All that they need to do is come up with how the pieces will fit together to produce the desired result.  Boxes, cubes, houses – these are just a few things that children can build with the 26 piece Creator Set Line.  However, they will be building much more with this set – they will be building their brains which will one day translate into building the future.  Great for children ages 3+.


With Stem being the newest buzz word in the last few years, Brackitz Driver Set is our newest engineering set for both girls and boys.  We love toys that encourage imagination with the use of building in all dimensions.


Recently we spent an evening of play with our new Brackitz Driver Set and my children loved the endless possibilities of construction.  Each of the 43 pieces connect to each other and using the wheels we were able to create cars in several varied designs.  While the set included directions for 10 driving machines, my children created their own designs.  We loved how all the parts mixed and matched so each child could make their own creation.


The set includes everything necessary to create vehicles and other movable play objects.  Contained in the set are wheels, axles, hubs and rubber-band drivetrains. Instructions are provided to create everything from a spinning gyro-copter to a space rover to a wind-up wind blaster, but your children won’t stop there – there creative minds will take over and create designs of their very own. No batteries required for hours of creative imaginative fun!

A ‘must have’ toy to stimulate creativity in young minds.



By: Madison Sowell

Houston, we do not have a problem.  Coming to you from Space City USA in Houston, TX and home of NASA.  It's an understatement to say that we love anything to do with kids are obsessed with it!


Set your child’s dreams about space into launch with PLAYMOBIL’s City Action Mission Geo Space Rocket with Launch Site Building Set. This comes with a space rocket, a launch pad with a maintenance platform, two space rocket figures, a satellite, repair robot, maintenance tools, computer, and even more accessories to give your little one everything he needs to ready the ship for liftoff. This set will excite both your child’s sense of building and creativity as he puts the pieces together and accomplishes missions for outer space. There are four different modes to build the set up into, but endless possibilities when your child’s creativity is sparked!

Get Glam with Trolls


By: Madison Sowell

Every once in a while, my daughter and I send the guys out and have a craft afternoon.  We love the craft kits from Fashion Angels and after watching the Trolls movie, couldn't wait to do some Troll-rific crafts!


Your little girl can give the gift of creativity and style with Trolls Charm Bracelet Kit. She can make friendship bracelets for all her friends or have a party where everyone makes their own! With over 250 beads and charms, the possibilities are endless. But the creativity doesn’t stop there—thrill your daughter with the Trolls Glitter Velvet Art Set. Pass the glitter with four colorful and sparkly gel pens to decorate this furry and fun art set.


Thanks Fashion Angels!

Zippi Pets Hummingbird


By: Madison Sowell

Bring your hummingbird toy to life with Zippi Pets! This Zippi Pet flies the more you pet it and hovers just like a hummingbird! If you catch your hummingbird Zippi Pet, she sings her special song! This toy will keep your child entertained as she pets, catches, and lets her hummingbird fly and sing like a real hummingbird. Just reach out and your toy will land in your hand!

Get Wordy with Tapple


By: Madison Sowell


Friday Night Game Night - a time when my family unplugs, turns off all the electronic devices and eat pizza and play games.  We are always on the hut for new games to enjoy as a family and were so excited about the opportunity to play Tapple.  Tapple is different from the more traditional board games which is something that I love.


Name it, tap it, pass it! This game gets you and your family thinking and having fun with words. All you do is pick a category and tap the timer to race against the clock. Say a word that fits your category and tap the first letter of the word you used and reset the timer and pass the wheel! Letters get eliminated and the competition thickens! The last player left wins the round and inspires everyone to get quick and witty with their words, so grab a dictionary and get playing!

Get Thinking with Clue Master


By: Madison Sowell

Tippy the dog needs you to help him unlock the secret door to get back to his dog house! This board game gets your child thinking and using his deductive skills to beat the challenges presented. Clue Master also encourages ability in math, science, computer programming, and more! We love a great STEM game!  


Use the clues to determine where to find the treasure with 40 beginners to expert challenges—your child will have so much fun he won’t even realize how much he’s learning!  Thanks for creating such a fun game Think Fun!

Magnum Superdrum Blaster Dart Zone – Covert Ops Magnum &

Adventure Force Enforcer Motorized Belt Blaster


Lock and Load – that’s what your kids will be saying with the new Dart Zone Covert Ops by Prime Time International.  What’s the one problem for kids, and parents too, with any shooting type toy?  It’s not having enough ‘amo’ to get the job done.


With the new Magnum Superdrum Blaster Dart Zone Covert Opsthere is an infinite supply of darts to be the winner of any target shoot.  In fact, there’s 40 Super Darts that will fly up to 80 ft.  Using the 40-round rotating drum with the Auto-Advance Rapid-Fire, the Magnum Superdrum Blaster will let your little ones shoot till their hearts content. 


And if the Magnum Superdrum Blaster wasn’t the ultimate weapon we used for our afternoon shoot-out, we opened the Adventure Force Enforcer Motorized Belt Blaster.  Again we enjoyed 40 darts shooting each other in under 30 seconds.  The range?  Another 80 ft so we had to move quickly to escape each other’s flying darts.  The fully automatic motorized belt made shooting quick, and loading



My kids and I loved how easy it was to assemble right out-of-the box, as well as ease of reloading the  rubber darts.  The easy to slide back to load trigger-fire switch makes the process even quicker. 

And now the dilemma, everyone in the family wanted to use the Magnum

YAHTZEE! Special Edition


By: Madison Sowell

I can remember back to when I was a child and teen playing Yahtzee with my friends and family and I love when old games become new again.  


If YAHTZEE! is an old favorite, then you have to get this collectible version- YAHTZEE! Fallout, Vault Boy Edition. This version features a Vault Boy dice cup and customized dice. Keep score with your number pad and roll your limited edition dice with your vault boy cup to score with winning combinations for thirteen rounds! This game has been loved for years by many generations and will definitely draw a crowd with its renewed style.

Air Hogs - Thunder Trax

All Terrain toys are now my favorite interactive choices for my kids.  All children want to be active and the Thunder Trax makes playing with a motorized toy stimulating and fun while encouraging hand-eye coordination.


My son loves anything that transforms, and this new toy by Air Hogs is the perfect addition to his collection.  Converting from land-to-sea or snow the deep treads/tracks of the Thunder Trax makes playing on all surfaces fun. With the push of a button the vehicle can be converted from a tractor, to a boat, to a snow machine.  The two toggle switches on the handheld remote control makes control easy while increasing hand-eye coordination. The Thunder Trax operates on 2.4GHZ radio frequency and uses USB charging. 


No matter the time of year, summer at the lake or winter snow on the driveway this toy can be enjoyed by kids 8 and up.

Teeter with Logic with Balance Beans Board Game


By Madison Sowell

This fun game will get your kid thinking about math and physics, but he’ll be having such a good time that he won’t feel like he’s learning! It’s got 40 easy to super hard challenges, best to fit your child’s progress, and it slowly teaches your child to use math and reasoning skills more than trial and error. Balance your red beans on one side, and put the different colors on the other side of the seesaw, and when your seesaw balances, you win!


My family has been purchasing games from Think Fun for years because we love how they challenge our children without them even knowing it!  Highly encourage any of the products from Think Fun!


Whoa – don’t let the name Geckobot scare you!  From Thames & Kosmos comes another stimulating brain activity for children ages 8 and up.  If your little ones are into building anything from blocks to electronics and everything in between this is the perfect educational toy for them. 


With over 176 pieces and up to 7 experiments you little one will be building and creating projects that encourage using the basics of physics for air pressure and suction.  At first my little guy was anxious to get into the box but quickly realized that the possibilities for creating robots, an inch worm, a suction gun and more were contained in this kit.  Using the 24 page manual helped him create his first masterpiece, an inch worm.  I enjoyed watching him ‘tinker’ and learn how things fit together while learning valuable techniques.  His project was completed and the entire family cheered him on to make even more designs.


I love how each item uses a motorized air suction system allowing the completed project to walk on glass, plastic and even doors.  Using a battery to drive each project, the two back legs of each activity allow the legs to move both back and forth (and up and down) making the creature (creation) ‘walk’.  And when the Gecko comes alive, the true fun begins.  Everyone in the family wanted to get in on the activity.  My child was learning how air pressure worked and how mechanical physics played a part in the completed piece.

A must have toy for the holidays for your budding engineers.



By: Madison Sowell

Your little one will be a hockey star with PLAYMOBIL NHL’s Hockey Arena Playset. This set comes with four hockey players with movable arms and hockey sticks for realistic play paired with four hockey pucks. There are easy-to-use levers to pull back and actually swing the hockey stick! Your child can also decorate and personalize his players with player number decals and his pick of logo decals for all 30 NHL teams. 

There is a score-keeping slide rule and a booklet filled with game play rules so your child can learn about the game as he plays. There are more accessories to make for a complete hockey experience, but it will be your child’s creativity and spirit for the game that completes this play set!


Cue the Mission Impossible Theme Song!  From the makers of the highly successful spy gear line comes an essential tool in your child's spy arsenal...Spy Go Action Camera.This camera is super small and can be mounted to your child’s bike giving them maximum intelligence on their next spy mission.  The camera has a video record button, microphone and an USB plug port for them to be able to transfer the footage to a laptop or tablet. 


In addition to mounting on the bike, this set also comes with a Headmount strap allowing your future spy to capture video on foot during his next mission. 


Overall, this is a great product from the Spy Gear line for children ages 6+.  

FIRETEK ZYCLONE & FIRETEK CROSSBOW: To say that my kids are huge fans of Zing is an understatement.  We love reviewing all of the new Zing products and are so excited about two new toys from Zing: Firetek Zyclone and the Firetek Crossbow. 

The Firetek Zyclone is an awesome ring blaster that is illuminated so you can play with it at dark.  I have never heard of a ring blaster before so this is a first for us.  The ring looks to be about 6” wide and is very light weight.  Something else that is a plus for this toy is that it’s so easy for kids to set up…not much assembly required.  All you have to do to play is load the ring in the blaster and pull the trigger.  I wish all toys were that simple!!!  We quickly created our own game with this toy.  My oldest stands on one side of the park and my youngest on the other.  When he shoots the blaster, she tries to catch the ring.  Then they switch and it’s his turn to try to catch the ring.  I also love that the ring glows in the dark which makes it a great toy to play with now that it is getting darker earlier heading into winter.  {Last year one of my littles shot a Zing Light Up Arrow up in the tree.  If it was not a lighted toy, there would be no way to find it.  Thankfully, the rocket had a light and we were able to recover it}.  The Firetek Zyclone would make a great Christmas gift for the kids in your life and is only at Target for $29.99 and recommended for kids ages 6+.

The Firetek Crossbow is such a fun outdoor toy that is so easy to use.  Line up your arrow with the loops, pull back and release.  My favorite thing about the Firetek Crossbow are the light up arrows…for all of the reasons that I mentioned above.  This toy is designed for kids 8+ and flies up to 45 feet.  Something new to the Firetek Crossbow is the scope that helps to give the kids better accuracy with their shooting and we are loving this new version of the Firetek Crossbow.  If you are looking for a great outdoor toy that requires minimal adult supervision or toy set up, then you are going to love the Firetek Crossbow.  This can be purchased exclusively at Walmart for $29.99

Zoo Life


By: Madison Sowell

Experience zoo life like never before with PLAYMOBIL’s Large City Zoo set! Your child will interact with animals from all over the world, from penguins to lions, from prairie dogs to peacocks. This set comes with seven essential zoo set up figures, two adult lions and one cub, two adult and four baby penguins, peacock, fish with bucket, a wheelbarrow with meat, a child stroller, a mouse, postcards, a cash register, a camera, fencing, and tons of other accessories to make for a zoo bustling with life and fun. Your child will get a glimpse of what it’s like to run the show and find that the possibilities for fun at the zoo are endless! 


Now you can experience the zoo rain or shine!  Thanks Playmobil!

Coji: Teach little ones ages 4-7 the basics of coding with COJI the coding robot.  How does COJI do it?  By using emojis that the children are all ready familiar with.  This is picture based play so even children who are beginning readers can play.  In the free play mode, children can use emojis to tell COJI to move forward, backward, spin and do many other things. 


This robot also uses enhanced play with the different apps that are available…each teaching children some type of coding technique.  The app comes with a variety of games including Mazes, Simon and a COJI like Mario World. 


COJI marries coding, video games and robotics together to create one power packed toy.  A must have for any family.

Mountain Adventure Set: 

Every child builds with blocks but now the makers of Magformers Mountain Adventure Set allows your little ones to create even more dynamic designs.  Your budding architect or engineer will get their creative powers engaged with this outstanding play set allowing creativity in many dimensions.


For ages 3 and up (yes I did say 3 and up), this set allows children to create in 3-d and stimulate their brains to another level.  The set contains 32 pieces of smooth plastic shapes containing built-in magnets that allow connecting in any direction; flat, vertical, horizontal and diagonal.  The set comes with 5 wheels so children can create off-road bikes, motorcycles and more.  Even animals can be created, the child’s imagination is unlimited when playing with this toy while the Magformers stimulates brain development. 


Don’t let the age requirement of 3 and up deter you, even my older children enjoy creating with this toy and together the younger children become more stimulated and creative.  Your child will enjoy hours of educational fun.

Build Your Own Fort Kit: I remember making a fort as a child with my sister.  We had bunkbeds and would hook blankets off our bunkbeds and immediately be whisked away to magical places. 


PlaSmart has made old things new again with their Build Your Own Fort Kit.  All of the kits come with clamps, hooks, suckers and grips with the larger kits coming with additional ways to anchor your fort including pegs, a sheet and rods.  And for my favorite part of the kits??  The Keep Out sign…every good fort has to have that! 


The smaller kit comes with the basic hooks to hold up your fort.  The larger kits include sheet and more hooks, etc to really take the fort to the next level. Here is an example of what you will find in the medium sized kit.  This is also an indoor/outdoor play set which is amazing and will really encourage children to take their play and creativity to the next level. 


Overall this is a great, great Christmas/Birthday present and your little ones will have hours of enjoyment giving you a much needed break.  Bring on the s’mores….we’re going outdoors.

To say that my kids are huge fans of Zing is an understatement.  We love reviewing all of the new Zing products and are so excited about two new toys from Zing: Firetek Zyclone and the Firetek Crossbow. 

The Firetek Zyclone is an awesome ring blaster that is illuminated so you can play with it at dark.  I have never heard of a ring blaster before so this is a first for us.  The ring looks to be about 6” wide and is very light weight.  Something else that is a plus for this toy is that it’s so easy for kids to set up…not much assembly required.  All you have to do to play is load the ring in the blaster and pull the trigger.  I wish all toys were that simple!!!  We quickly created our own game with this toy.  My oldest stands on one side of the park and my youngest on the other.  When he shoots the blaster, she tries to catch the ring.  Then they switch and it’s his turn to try to catch the ring.  I also love that the ring glows in the dark which makes it a great toy to play with now that it is getting darker earlier heading into winter.  {Last year one of my littles shot a Zing Light Up Arrow up in the tree.  If it was not a lighted toy, there would be no way to find it.  Thankfully, the rocket had a light and we were able to recover it}.  The Firetek Zyclone would make a great Christmas gift for the kids in your life and is only at Target for $29.99 and recommended for kids ages 6+.

The Firetek Crossbow is such a fun outdoor toy that is so easy to use.  Line up your arrow with the loops, pull back and release.  My favorite thing about the Firetek Crossbow are the light up arrows…for all of the reasons that I mentioned above.  This toy is designed for kids 8+ and flies up to 45 feet.  Something new to the Firetek Crossbow is the scope that helps to give the kids better accuracy with their shooting and we are loving this new version of the Firetek Crossbow.  If you are looking for a great outdoor toy that requires minimal adult supervision or toy set up, then you are going to love the Firetek Crossbow.  This can be purchased exclusively at Walmart for $29.99

Finding Dory Pool Toys

Happy Summer!  When my family thinks about summer, we think about going swimming and each year, we get at least a couple of new water toys.  We were so excited to check out some new pool toys from Hasbro this year including: Aqua Rider(cool pool noodles) and two new toys from the movie Finding Dory including: Disney's Finding Dory Dive Characters and Disney's Finding Dory Mr. Ray's Dive Game.

Aqua Rider


Who doesn't love a great pool float!  My kids loved playing with the pink flamingo and green turtle.  My daughter actually loved pretending that her flamingo was looking for fish to eat in the pool!  Highly recommend these Aqua Riders to take the pool noodles to the next level.


Disney's Finding Dory new Pool Toys!


I just saw the new Finding Dory movie and am such a big fan.  I was so excited to learn about these Finding Dory themed pool toys.  The Disney's Finding Dory Dive Characters pictured in the back are nicely constructed and do have some weight to them to make them sink on their own.  Both of my kids loved diving for Dory!!!  


Disney's Finding Dory Mr. Ray's Dive Game


This is a really neat and fun game to play in the pool.  What you do is you use Mr. Ray and his net to rescue the other fish and sea life before they fall to the bottom of the pool.  My son loved playing this game on the big step of our pool.


How to play

1. Put all the fish/sea life in the water.

2. Take your Mr. Ray net 

3. Scoop up all the fish before they hit the bottom of the pool.

Have fun!

The holiday season always has me thinking about fun family
traditions and something that I started when my children we very young were
family game nights. This is the time
that our family comes together for some good laughs and, if I can sneak in some
learning that’s a huge bonus!

I was so excited to get my hands on a copy of one of
Thinkfun’s latest games, Robot Turtles. 
This game will blow away any preconceived ideas that you may have about
board games. For starters, forget the
dice and the spinners. In this game, you
use cards to direct your Turtle to their corresponding Jewel in the middle of
the board. Sounds simple right?? As you go, you have an option to choose to send
your turtle left, right, or straight as you place your cards down on the table. At the end of the game, you have a long
string of code, aka cards that you have played sitting in front of you. Robot Turtles actually teaches your child
simple computer coding without the computer so you can live out your inner
Geek. How cool is that?

What I love about this game is that there are several
different levels that you can play at. 
The first 2 times we played it easy. 
Then, it was time for a challenge as we introduced Ice Walls, Lasers,
Stone Walls and Crates. It quickly
became a minefield for the turtles to navigate on the board to get to their
corresponding Jewels at the center of the board game. Best of all, my kids loved being able to
place the Ice Walls, Stone Walls and Crates in different locations each time
making each time we played a new challenge to overcome.

Zingo! Word Builder: Bingo for Your Brain


Learning the English language is difficult and spelling is even more challenging for young children.  Zingo! Word Builder has bridged the gap between spelling and vocabulary for young readers ages 5 and up.  This game proved to increase my young son’s reading ability while allowing my older children the excitement of playing the game at the same time.


In true Zingo fashion, the educational aspect of this game and the fun aspect meet together to stimulate your child’s thought processes.  Just slide the Zinger to select a letter, create a 3-letter word on your card, and you WIN!  Think of it as Bingo for your Brain!


As in all Zingo games, the Zingo! Word Builder is a great tool for children that are just learning to put letters together to create words.  For information on this game and others by Zingo please visit



Atmosphere by Air Hogs is one of the coolest toys for boys that I have seen this season.  Atmosphere uses altitude sensing technology to hover above your hand, head, foot or any other way you choose to play.  We are absolutely in love with this toy.  My son has played with Atmosphere every single day since he first received it. 




Batman Grip it! Rip it!


3...2...1...Grip it! Rip it!  Batman is flying high with the Grip it! Rip it!  This toy is so easy to use and so much fun!!!  All you do is load Batman in the launcher and pull the cord and off Batman goes flying to save the day.  My son absolutely loves this toy and I love that he can load Batman in the launcher all by himslef without needing my help!  We are still working on keeping him from chasing his baby sister down the hallway trying to launch Batman at her!  He loves to build cities with his blocks and use Batman to chase away the bad guys.  This is such a great toy and not to be outdone, his baby sister is asking for her own Batman Grip it! Rip it!  For more information click here.




Blu Track


Oh wow - fun is happening at my house NOW! Blu Track is a flexible race track for your cars that twists, spins and spirals in and around my house and even around my table legs, and up and down boxes.  The creative possibilities are endless.  Blu Track says, "What kind of fun can you make with Blu Track?"  The creators were looking for a safe, durable and interactive racing system that is quick and easy to assemble.  The one piece track requires no assembly, fitting or nesting of parts and pieces.  Your child will be racing as quickly as 2 minutes out of the box - really, it's that easy.

This awesome track was created to accommodate 2 wider lanes for tandem car racing.  Each track can be custom set-up and creatively designed by you or your child for using items in your household, but don't limit the track setup to indoors only.  We setup our Blu Track on the driveway and used patio furniture for even steeper drops and longer curves.  And, because of the materials that Blu Track is made of, the cars will race much faster.

Blu Track also carries additional pieces to compliment the track such as 6 ft extensions, adaptive stunt tape and ramps. 

For more information on this amazing race track click here.






Every time I take my daughter to the grocery store she wants to buy me one!  While I love that my daughter wantes to buy me flowers, it's starting to cost me some money.  You know what I mean, "Mommy, can you give me some money so I can buy you flowers?"  When I received the Build-A-Bouquet by Green Toys in the mail, all I could think about was the money that I'll be saving at the grocery store.  Now when my daughter wants to buy me flowers, I encourage her to make me a flower bouquet with her new toy instead.  She's happy and I'm happy.  Build-A-Bouquet allows her to customize her flowers by mixing and matching flower petals, stems and leafs.  I love that eery time she is making a flower bouquet, that she is working on those all important fine motor skills too.  And, Green Toys is a "green" company too.  Build-A-Bouquet is made in the USA out of 100% recycled plastic milk jugs.  Saving green and going green makes Build-A-Bouquet a home run.  For more information on Build-A-Bouquet, click here.  Click here to enter our giveaway




Car & Tow by Pinypon


This is the perfect toy for your little girl, no matter whether you live in cold snowy weather, near a sunny beach or anywhere in between - or just wished you lived in one of these places.  My little girl loves everything made by Pinypon and I just gave her the Car & Tow to add to her collection. 

The cute little Pinypon car includes the Pinypon character with two interchangeable faces and lots of stickers to decorate with.  But that's not all, the little car is followed by a pull behind trailer containing a surfboard and two skis making perfect pretend play for snow or water fun.  Pinypon makes the world of fun a creative adventure with customizable friends and other play sets.  As in true Pinypon fashion, the character is whimsical and colorful and so is the car and trailer - pink of course!  Other Pinypon dolls will fit in this car too.

This is the perfect companion piece to the Pinypon Ski Lodge set.  Pinypon is a leading European toy company since 1957. 

For more information please click here.




Chain Letters


This wonderful game of skill is a fantastic tool in the arsenal of spelling aids for your children, and adults too.  Think of going fishing with a hook or playing scrabble with two extra components added.  We loved playing this game with our children and they were entranced by the challenges the hooks offered them.  They loved going fishing for their favorite word's letter while trying to remember how to spell the word.

The Chain Letters game is for ages 8 and up, however my 6 year old loved playing it at his level...the words were much smaller and shorter of course.  I love how this helpes with hand-eye coordination while also encouraging spelling skills. 

For more information click here.




CitiBlocs Dollhouse


Every once in a while a toy comes across my path that leaves me saying, "Why didn't I think of this?" CitiBlocs Dollhouse is one of those toys.  Each block is designed with a pink pattern so that when you put them together you have a beautiful pink house or anything else your little girl can imagine.  I especially love the Mom and Daughter character blocks that are included in the set.  My daughter loves to pretend that she's the mommy!  Best of all, each set comes with 110 blocks and a great carrying tub to put them back into when you're done.  There's nothing more frustrating for a child than to not have enough blocks to complete their design and nothing more frustrating for a mom than not having a place to store the blocks when the kids are finished playing.  For more information click here.






If you like to play Hearts or Spades, you will love playing the newest game by North Star Games - Clubs.  For ages 8 and up this fun fast action family game is sure to entertain you.  Quick- get rid of the cards your holding as fast as you can on each round!  The instruction booklet also displays a sample of the possible plays making it easy to understand.  The player with the most points win the game but wait, there's more.

Clubs can also be played as Crazy Clubs and the instructions are also included in the game box, so it's like two games for the price of one.  Choose the game that entertains you the most and play on.

Become a fan and win free games (a chance to win a board game every month, free replacement parts for life, or a chance to participate in our game design process) just send an email to:

For more information click here.




"Doc is in!" Clinic


Do you have a budding doctor or nurse in your house, or does your child seem anxious while visiting the doctor or hospital?  This fun activity toy is just what the doctor ordered (no pun intended - really)!  For ages 3+ this adorable doctor clinic is sure to help your child enjoy hours of entertainment while at the same time learning how to be a caring, nurturing little person.  We enjoyed assembling this little clinic and applying all the beautiful, realistic and colorful stickers that only Disney is know for.

The 15 piece  set includes: the Clinic, Doc Doll, Doc's Fashion, Doc's Shoes, Lambie Hallie, Clinic Bed, Clinic Table, Hallie's Desk, Laptop, Doc's Bed, Mirror, Slide and Sticker Sheet.  Hallie & Lambie actually talk on the Clinic Bed.  My little one and I spent several hours playing make-believe and re-enacting our last doctor visit. 

This toy is a 'must-have' for children this holiday season.

For more information click here.




Doodle Dice


Match the pattern on the dice to a card that you want - that's the object of this easy game for ages 6 and up.  Our family loves game night and we are always looking for games appropriate for all age groups.  Doodle Dice is the game we fell in love with.  It's even fun to say but even more fun to play.

Roll the dice and try to match the designs on the dice to the designs on the cards.  Try to roll several dice with the same picture and even win a bonus.  Trying to steal from other players or even just fool them was fun for the assertive ones in my family!  Not only are the cards printed in English, but also printed in French and Spanish too...your children are introduced to other languages while having fun!  Great idea Doodle Dice!

For more information, click here.




Flutterbye Fairy


It all started with an unassuming package delivered to my doorstep with Flutterbye Fairy inside.  Who could have know about the magic of this cute little fairy?  Our little Fairy is blue and daughter's favorite color.  I don't know how Spin Master, creattor of Flutterbye Fairy does it but this little Fairy floats above your hand!  I have never seen anything like it before.  My daughter can hold her hand out and Flutterbye Fairy will hover right above it.  Ingenious!  Don't believe me?  Click here.




Flying Kung Fu Frogs


Let the fun begin, again and again with the Flying Kung Fu Frogs.  This motorized fast action filled fun game for children ages 3 and up is sure to make you sit on the edge of your seat.  Just choose a colored frog, turn on the switch and all players launch (or fling) their frogs at the same time.  Launch your frogs from the 'stand' and try to land your frogs onto the playing surface.  If you land on a level you may have scored some points, but beware of other Kung Fu Frogs trying to knock you off your level.  Earn points for the different levels you land on.  Oh yeah - the fun has definitely begun!

We played for hours and became very adept at launching our frogs onto a specific level.  My children loved knocking off each other's frog and would shout - "watch out for my Kung Fu Frogs", he's coming ot get you. 

For more information click here.




Hit the Habitat Trail


Let's take a trip!  That's what I said to my children when I introduced them to a new game by Jax Ltd - Hit the Habitat Trail.  Half the fun of traveling to other countries with your children is introducing them to the habitat of the region and to new animals.  Hit the Habitat Trail is the perfect game to introduce and educate them to the habitats of the world.

From the moment I opened the box and set out the beautifully colorful game board I had their attention.  We chose one of the many realistic animal shapes and proceeded to learn (play) about eight different habitats - the Forest, the Mountains, the Ocean, the Jungle, the Desert, the Wetlands, the Arctic and the Grasslands.  The game introduces your children to each of these habitats and the animals that inhabit these regions.  To play the game simply roll the dice, move your animal, select a card per the instructions on the spot landed on, and answer questions.  If the answer is correct you win a Habitat card and the person with the most habit cards at the end wins the game.

For more information click here.




Hercules Unbreakable Helicopter


I’ve never thought of the words Unbreakable and Toys as being synonymous before. Can a toy actually be unbreakable?  Isn’t this every Mom’s dream?  My family and I just spent hours playing with our newest favorite outdoor/indoor toy, the Hercules Unbreakable Helicopter and the Nano Hercules by World Tech Toys.  These helicopters are touted as being unbreakable and we really put them through their paces.  The company advertises that they can withstand up to 200 pounds of force and I now believe it.  Not only did we experience hours of enjoyment, but the helicopters dropped from the sky, fell out of the car and genuinely took a beating at every turn and kept on flying.  Think of them as the energizer bunny of remote control toys that keeps going, and going and going!

Made from a lightweight polymer frame which can take up to 200 lbs of pressure.  The helicopter uses a 3.5 channel infra-red control making them perfect for indoor use.  These helicopters feature a built-in gyroscope which makes it easy for novices or more advanced operators to fly.    And, best of all, charging only requires the USB cord be plugged into your laptop – how easy is that.   Or, when on the go just use the charger attached to the remote control.   


Be sure to check out World Tech’s other toys like their cars, trucks, trains and robots just to name a few.   Learn more about these amazing Helicopters and other remarkable products online here.




How Tall Am I?


The How Tall Am I game combines two important things with my kids...dress up and measuring our height(my oldest is obsessed with wanting to be tall).  This is such a fun game and my kids really enjoyed playing.  My youngest is all about dress up and loves being ab le to mix and match the outfits of the characters in this game while my oldest loves measuring to see how tall his character is.  Here's how the game works, you roll the die and select which ever body part shows up.  For example, if you roll the head, you slect any "head" that you like.  This goes on until you have selected each body part.  At the end, you measure your character and whoever has the tallest person wins.  The fun comes in with the ability to mix and match the characters.  For example, you could have a clown face, policeman body and fireman shoes.  Each time you play, you can create an entirely different character.  The measureing ruler is so easy to use for the kids and I love being able to work on some science and math skills at such an early age.  My 3 year old still needs a little bit of help measuring but she can definitely put together a character all by herself.  My 6 year old can do everything himself and needs no assistance.  If you are looking to give your kids hours of enjoyment then check out this game.  For more information click here.




Hyper Happy Mall


Shop, shop, shop till you drop!  That's what my little one is saying after playing with her newest toy by Kawaii Crush - the Hyper Happy Mall.  Kawaii means 'cute' in Japanese and that is just what this fun activity set is all about - FUN!  This self contained little doll house looking mall is perfect for children 4 and up.  We had so much fun setting up the little snack bar with its little chairs/table and hamburger and french fries with a soda.  But our favorite was taking pictures (pretend of course) of the little Kawaii Crush doll character in the photo booth on the 2nd floor.  And, of course we had to use the built in elevator to get to the photo booth, too cute!

This set is perfect for hours of creative indoor and outdoor entertainment.  I heard so much laughter from my daughter and her little friend as they created different outfits in the boutique and played in the pet shop.  Each of the mall entities have many additional accessories to also play with. 

Shopping has never been so much fun for your children! 

For more information click here.




Laser Maze


Learn to solve logic problems using lasers?  Yes, that's the object of this game by ThinkFun and its mind challenging mazes.  Turn off your lights and see if your maze is correct or not.  This is a great one person game or should I say activity that will increase your logistical thinking.

Simply align the pieces according to the 60 challenge cards with their solutions to radiate the lasers from one piece to another and then onto and through other pieces.  The game gets harder, and harder as your expertise improves.  Use the target pieces and mirror pieces to shoot the laser beam through a series of mind challenging mazes.  The game includes a game grid, challenge cards (with solutions), game tokens (laser, target/mirrors, splitters, double mirrors, checkpoint and cell blockers).

For more information on Laser Maze please click here.




Mic Launcher


The Mic Launcher by Spy Gear is my son's newest favorite toy this season.  Eaves dropping has never been so easy and who doesn't love listening to what their little sister or brother is talking about.  So go ahead, gather some intel in Real-Time and use it on them or play pretend. 

Just stick the suction cup to any wall or door and listen in.  There's an bungee cord for easy retrieval for a quick get away and a built in storage box so your secret weapon can be kept secure.  So, go ahead, become a new James Bond in your own right!

For more information please visit




My First Creative Collage - Monsters


From the Orb Factory comes a great activity for children 3 and older.  Let the creative fun begin.  The activity box includes 3 project cards with everything you'll need to create colorful monster collages.  This activity kit comes with plastic hangers, a container of fun foam, pompoms and glitter.  This is a great rainy day activity or anytime for that matter.

We spent an afternoon creating monsters of our own liking.  My 3 year old loved matching the colors to each of the legs of the monster and then feeling how soft the pompoms felt to the touch.  The monsters didn't turn out very scary at all but instead were these cute little shiny soft guys that made their rightful place on our mantel where they were displayed for several days. 

For more information, click here.






Toys that help develop fine motor skills and critical thinking skills are some of my favorite choices for my children.  Nanoblocks by Kawanda does exactly that and as a parent, I love them.  These amazing blocks are called 'micro sized building blocks'.  Working in miniature scale is not only challenging but save a lot of room in the toy box too.  They are perfect for an airplane or car trip where space is of the essence.  Please note that these blocks are not designed for children under age 8.

Recently we assembled the Hercules Beetle Nanoblock and my oldest child had so much fun that he wanted to collect the entire collection.  I love how detailed each piece is and how well it fits into another.  There are many designs available in the Nanoblock collection including: bugs, animals, instruments, castles, airplanes, ships, shuttles and even hello kitty designs. 

For more information please click here.




Pinypon 10 Figures Set


What would you do with a 10-Figure Pinypon Set?  Hold a Pinypon Pals Party of course.  And that is just what we're going to have with our newest addition to my daughter's Pinypon collection.  We are throwing a Pinypon Pals Party and inviting friends to come play and dres up their very own Pinypon character from the 10 Figures Set.

The 10 Figure Set interchanges with other Pinypon accessories, vehicles and houses and includes over 30 accessories to dress up each character.  My child and her friends are going to have a great time with this toy.  The set also comes with a poster for 'everything Pinypon'.

Pinypon is a leading European toy company since 1957.  For more information click here.




Say Anything


Talk, talk, talk...that's what you'll be doing while playing this fun and revealing family game.  Revealing the inner most thoughts of your guests will be very interesting and enlightening when they answer your question of the round.  Great for ages 8 and up, but really fun for a group of adults as well.

Simply draw one of the question cards.  Each player writes down their answer and the player with the highly prized Select-o-Matic 6000 becomes the judge.  The judge rules on who's answer is correct (well, maybe correct isn't the exact answer here - let's say that it's the answer that the judge loves the most).  Each correct winning answer earns points and the most points wins.  This is definitely a great party game adults would really love getting into with their wacky answers as well as younger children with their version of the answers to questions.

For more information please click here.




Sequence for Kids


Every holiday one of our family traditions is playing Sequence.  For years my little ones had been wanting to play but were just to young.  You can imagine how excited my kids were when they received Sequence for Kids in the mail.  Sequence for kids has animal cards that the kids them match up on the board...just like the adult version of the game.  I love that this game works on picture recognition and thinking skills for the kids.  This holiday season we are going to set up a kids Sequence table right next to our adult Sequence table.  For more information on Sequence for kids click here.






Think lighting speed meets race cars, meets snowboards, meets surfboards get the picture!  Jax games has created a fast action fun game for ages 7 and up, adults welcome too.  These will slide, spin and crash without breaking.  SkaZooms are even fun to say!

Launch these little characters (10 designs available) on any surface and watch them fly furiously down their intended path.  My children enjoyed hours of fun racing their Ska Zooms on my floor.  Using the SkaZoom Ramp Ride they were even able to launch these little characters even further.  Each SkaZoom comes in its unique color with helmet and SkaZoom board.

SkaZoom has thought of everything right down to a unique Clip Case to hold all your SkaZooms which clips onto your child's belt for easy transportation. 

For more information click here.




Stainless Steel Pots & Pans


My budding little chef just loves to cook.  I recently received a set of Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots & Pans and my little chef just couldn't wait to open and use the pots & pans.  Since my daughter was very little she's always cooked with grandma and loves to spend time with her in the kitchen.  Now she has her very own special set of cookware to share with her grandma to - the Mirror Finish Pots & Pans set by Melissa & Doug now has its rightful place in the kitchen next to my set of cookware.

I love how Melissa & Doug thought of everything, from the smooth surfaces and sleek design of these pots and pans, to the colander, to the wooden spoons and my personal favorite the stainless steel mounting bracket.  This 7 piece set is so precision made that it's worthy of hanging in my kitchen somewhere, maybe down low at the end of my kitchen island so my little one has access whenever she's inspired to cook.

For more information on this great product, please click here.




Ski Lodge by Pinypon


Let it snow anytime of the year!  With the Pinypon Ski Lodge your little child's imagination wil ski, sled, ice skate and snow board.  This set includes a real ice skating rink, a working ski lift, snowmobile or just let your little Pinypon character warm up by the fireplace inside the ski lodge.  Oh, the possibilities are endless for creative fun play. 

Your child will decorate their own ski lodge including snowmen, outdoor lights, trees and more with the 50+ included accessories.  Or, just swap outfits, accessories, hairstyles and more with your Pinypon character.  Fun has never been so entertaining!

Check out the Pinypon video here to see the fun for yourself.

The Ski Lodge is the perfect accompaniment for the Pinypon Car & Tow. For more information click here.




Panosphere 360 Spy Cam by Spy Gear


Spy Gear's Panosphere 360 Spy Cam allows the Boy Next Door to transform into the next Mission Impossible star.  With it's 360 degree video recording ability and it's ability to take 2,000+ pictures, your future Spy will be sure that nothing slips by him.  You can stick the Spy Cam to the wall, place it on the floor or even strap it to something like your helmet.  A must have for any budding spy.  For more information, click here.




Stickeez Delux Design Set


Bling, bling - the Stickeez Deluxe Design set by The Orb Factory just arrived and wow.  What little girl doesn't like to add glitter and glam to everything she owns?  We were pleasantly surprised when we opened up the kit to find that the jewelry box opened to 4 pull-out drawers, a mirror section and a hanging rack for things like necklaces or even small doll clothes.  Just think of painting by numbers but instead of paint, you match the colors of the gems to the numbers on the jewelry box.  How easy is that?  This is for children 6+ but I have to be honest and say that I enjoyed it too!

With over 600+ gems in this amazing project kit, your little one will be entertained for many hours.  Who knows, they may even bling out other items they own as well! 

For more information, click here.




Sticky Mosaics Sweet Secrets


Painting by numbers - one of my favorite pass times as a child is now going to a new level.  Sticky Mosaics Sweet Secrets has created an activity for children ages 5 and up.  Three little candy decorated boxes with over 500 glittery stick-on jewels and tiles are in this fun filled activity box.  Simply match up the jewels to the numbers and the little boxes will be completely decorated. 

Let the decorating begin, and begin it did for my daughter.  Out came these cute boxes that make one continuous box with brightly colored young characters on their lids and stripped vertical lines with candy pictures surrounding the lids.  Yumm-o!  To make it even more fun, my daughter spent hours entertaining herself decorating her new special boxes which we now use as jewelry boxes. 

For more information, click here.




Tenkai Knights


From Ionix comes the Tenkai Knights kits.  Assemble these bricks which will transform into a warrior or many different knights.  For ages 6-14, this pack of miniature blocks are easy to assemble.  The blocks are precision made and fit extremely well into each other. 

We loved building our knights and my son would like to own the entire set of these action figures.

For more information please see







Wristlet by the Orb Factory has got to be the most fun a young girl (even a teenager) can have with glittery, sticky jewels.  This fun activity for children 5 and up contains a perfect size denim wristlet (with zipper) perfect to hold a wallet and makeup or a younger child's selection of small toys.  Maybe even a cell phone for older children.

If you like painting by numbers you will love this activity as well.  Just match the numbers on the wristlet to the numbers/colors on the jewels.  You will create a sparkle and shine accessory to take everywhere. 

For more information click here.




Zingo Sight Words


At our house we have family game night each week and the number one requested game is Zingo!  When I found out about Zingo Sight Words, I just had to get it!  Zingo is like Bingo but with a Zing.  Rather than say B2 or A7, the tile comes out with words on it such as: me, here and our.  As a mom, I try to do everything that I can to give my kids a head start and I am always on the lookout for anything that combines education and learning.  Ziongo is the perfect fit.  My kids think that we are just playing a game but I know that they are actually learning more sight words.  For more information you can click here.




 Zingo! Time-telling by Thinkfun


What time is it you ask? 
Half past a freckle, a quarter past a hair? Oh no, it’s Zingo! Time-telling time. A great way to teach my young child how to tell time, the Zingo! Time-telling game proved to be a fun way to learn how to
‘Read the Clock’. My child learned to read the hour and minute hands on an analog clock with the ease of playing this game which is as simple as playing Bingo game. This is a fast paced game of learning for grades K-3 and for 2-6 players. We simply slid the Zinger (the red device that displays the minutes and
hour), made a match of the hour and minutes, and filled out our Zingo! cards. And, I love the colorful two-sided cards, hour and minute tiles and that the Zinger are all sturdy to withstand hours of play. Simple, stimulating, educational and fun! This is a game our family will be playing for a long time.

Be sure to Ignite Your Mind with other Thinkfun games from the world’s leader in addictively fun games that stretch and sharpen your mind.


For more information please go to




Now your child can have a pet even if you don't have the room for one.  Zoomer, your newest little pet pup actually understands 3 languages; English, French and Spanish.  What a wonderful toy for children!  From the dog bone handle on the box top, I knew that I was going to love this great toy by Spin Master.  I love the voice activated responses from Zoomer.  He will actually sit, roll over, go to sleep, shake a paw and respond to let's play and I love you.  And of course, Zoomer will play dead too.  And, I love the contemporary sleek design and hard plastic construction.  Zoomer comes with a USB charging cable, instruction booklet and a reference guide.

This trainable little pup has a special website where your child can learn some training tips too.  Just click here to learn more tips and a lot of fun ways to train your Zoomer. 

You can also download the free app from the AppStore or Google Play.




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