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TRICYCOO.4.1 – BY JOOVY: It’s a stroller, no wait – it’s a push car – it’s a tricycle!  It’s all of these and even more.  By Joovy comes an amazing ‘must have’ combination ride on for children under 44 lbs.  This Tricycoo 4.1 is beautifully designed and manufactured with the utmost quality products and is available in pink or blue. The quality padded seat and seat back has attached seatbelts for safety and a convenient basket for onboard baby and parents items. Quality is built into this ride on in every dimension, from the sturdy wide wheels, to the handlebar, to the steering mechanism, Joovy spared no expense.  Parents will love using this from ages 10 months to 30+ months.    

This incredible ride on is perfect for a growing child, or for growing families.  The ride-on progresses with the age of each child saving money and storage space for a young family.   

Stage 1:  Children 10 months to 18 months.  This is where the Tricycoo 4.1 can be used as a substitute for a stroller.  The parent pushes and steers from the rear handlebar which vertically adjustable for the parent’s height, my favorite feature – no more bending for me. The parent’s steering mechanism is smooth and the handlebars comfortable to hold. The child is secured with a seatbelt and a cup/sippy cup holder rests on the front handlebars.  A sunshade may be attached for added protection.

Stage 2:  Children 18 months to 24 months.  While pedals are located on the Tricycoo 4.1, there are additional side steps (similar to a pedal) to allow the child to climb into the seat easily.  A sunshade can be used. The parent steers from the rear handlebar.

Stage 3:  Children 24 months to 30 months.  The child continues to climb using the side step(s).  At this age the child is able to place their feet on the pedals and attempt to steer while the parent actually continues to steer from the handlebar.

Stage 4: Children 30 months up to 44 lbs.  With the parent’s assistance, the handlebar is used to help the child acquire the skills necessary to steer and pedal the Tricycoo 4.1.  Once the child is capable of steering and pedaling successfully, the Tricycoo 4.1 becomes the child’s tricycle.

The Tricycoo 4.1 comes with a large foldout assembly manual, but don’t let that intimidate you.  We were able to assemble the small amount of pieces without the manual.  All parts quickly snapped together and only two pieces required the use of an included tool.  Total assembly time was under 5 minutes. 

The Tricycoo 4.1 is my favorite convertible ride-on for children 10 months to 30 months plus. This is such a great investment for growing families. 


Peace of Mind is what all new mother’s are looking for when raising a newborn.  


The Snuza Hero portable movement monitor allows freedom for you and your child during naps and at night.  This wonderful monitor detects the slightest abdominal movement and makes you aware instantly.  The monitor clips onto a diaper making use easy with no cords or wires to tangle around the baby. 


The monitor alerts you if the abdominal rate is less than 8 per minute.  An alarm will notify you 20 seconds after any abdominal movement is not detected. 

Sleep peacefully mom’s using the Snuza.

Dr. Seuss by Bumkins


"A person's a person, no matter how small."  Have you heard this quote before?  If so, you definitely know the products for which he was so famous - Dr. Seuss Bumkins has designed a fun line of products for your little ones.  Just as Theodor Geisel Bio (Dr. Seuss creator/writer) took pride in teaching children to read his children's books, so Bumkins takes pride in its line of products from the quality of each stitch, snap to the comfort of its cozy fabrics.

Bumkins products are made of premium quality materials and include the following items: Waterproof Bibs, Cotton Bibs, Dishware, Bags & Totes, Dr. Seuss Clothing, Cloth Diapering, Silicone Teething Jewelry, Travel Accessories. 

For more information on these and other products please click here.




Chewbeads: Chic and Trendy


I used to wear a lot of jewelry before I had my children and after they were born, just one tug of my earrings and my necklace going into their mouth and I was done.  I decided that it wasn't worth wearing jewelry knowing that my little one was trying to put it in her mouth.  For me, it looked like my wearing jewelry days were least for a couple ofyears.  That is, until I discovered Chewbeads.  These amazing necklaces and bracelets are the perfect accessory for mom and baby.  They are completely safe and even good for the babies to teeth long as you are wearing them that is.  Fast forward several years, my 3 year old daughter now loves to wear my chewbeed necklace herself.  For moms with babies, I have found that Chewbeads are the easiest way to stay chic and trendy while taking care of an infant.  For more information click here.




Early Lingo: Spanish Edition


What Lingo do you speak?  For children 6 months and up, the Early Lingo 6 DVD/Box set is perfect for introducing your child to a second language.  Use your child's playtime to build their language skills or to introduce a new language.

There are 12 dvds in a series and 6 dvds in each set.  The first box set includes language introductions such as: colors & shapes at the park, numbers and counting at the farm, opposites at the beach, alphabet at school, at the market, in the city. 

Early lingo is available in: English, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin, French and German. 

For more information please click here.




Little Pim: Learn Italian Discover Set



From the award winning flim maker, mom and daughter of the internationally acclaimed language teaching pioneers, Dr. Paul Pimsleur and Julia Pimsleur, comes learning languages for little children ages 0-5.  The Little Pim fun with languages DVD's come in a 3-pack set which includes eating and drinking, wake up smiling and playtime.  This amazing instructional dvd is the recipient of over 25 awards and has been featured on many TV shows.  If you don't want to use dvd's then purchase the iPad version at the App store.  The Little Pim language series comes in 11 languages including: Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian, Hebrew, Russian, French, English, Japanese, Arabic and Portuguese.

I recently introduced my child to the Italian language through the Little Pim series and was amazed at how interactive the series is.  A little Panda, and who doesn't love a Panda, is the series teacher who will laugh, play and guide your child through the basic building blocks for learning a second or third language.  This is fun even for the whole family.

Each dvd introduces 60 new words and phrases with on-screen phonetic pronunciation and optional subtitles to help parents, plus a Parent Guide with helpful tips.  This is the perfect tool to use to immerse your child in a new language at the perfect age. 

Too enjoy the free games, tips, and the Little Pim store click here.




Noggin Stik


The Noggin Stik may become one of your baby's first learning toys.  As a mother of a newborn I never think education starts at birth but it does.  After all the aws and the coos over the new baby are done, it's time to get down to business....well not exactly.  However, the business of learning does start on day one and never ends.

This developmental light-up rattle with accompanying Parent Guide is the perfect toy to help stimulate your baby's senses.  Touted as a Top Toy in 2012 and the Gold Winner by National Parenting Publications, this toy is sure to help your child get a look at the world around him by listening to sounds and learning to watch moving objects. 

I love how Noggin Stiks thought of all of the little details like a light up head, texture on the thinly made handle for easy grasping, a mirror and of course the rattle sounds. 

For more information click here.




Play-Doh Letters and Shapes by Silver Dolphin


You've probably played with Play-Doh as a kid, I sure did, but you have never seen Play-Doh like this.  From Silver Dolphin comes Play-Doh Letters and Play-Doh Shapes.  These are so ingenious and the perfect gift this holiday season.  Each pack comes with a built in book, playh-doh, specialized cookie cutters and a play-doh mat that the kids can interact with.  In the Letters kid, there is a story about the alphabet adventure in school, and fun and adorable letter cookie cutters that you can play with on the interactive mat.  The Play-Doh Shapes tells the story about a big brother bear and a little sister bear as they embark on their journey to find shapes.

To say that I am very impressed with this product is an understatement.  Silver Dolphin has taken something old and made it new again.  These sets are the perfect accompaniment to take over to Grandma's, a vacation or for rainy days at home and are my new go-to toys for furture birthday parties that my kids are invited to!  For more information click here.




Race 'n Drop Track


On your mark, get set, go...toddlers ages 18 months+ will love the Race 'n Drop Track from B kids.  My little ones love watching the cars race down the tracks.  This is the perfect toy for a child 18 months and older.  I love how all the corners have soft plastic edges so that I don't ahve to worry about my little ones getting hurt.  My kids love watching the cars go from ramp to ramp without stopping.  So simple. So perfect. So B kids.  For more information click here.




Growing Shoes For Growing Feet


Created by a mom of two children, Shupeas fits perfectly into a market of adorable baby shoes that actually grow with your children.   These shoes are the most versatile baby shoes around! The shoes expand 4 shoe sizes, yes, you read that right!  The Shupeas expands from size 0 to size 18 months (that’s only one pair of shoes).  The creator has filled a niche market that will actually save you time and money.  How you ask?

As a new mom of young children I was always challenged with having to keep my rapidly growing little one clothed in shoes that fit.  There was nothing worse as a mom than dressing my child for an event only to find that the shoes no longer fit.  Of course, that dilemma was soon followed by another trip to the store and trying to find the perfect size, color, style, not to mention the additional expense.  That’s were Shupeas fit in so perfectly.  These cute little shoes come in an array of colors and sizes which expand to fit young children’s feet. 


For more information and to locate stores that carry Shupeas please check here.





Learning Toys for iPads


Take your iPad to the next level for your child with the Tiggly Learning Toys for iPads Shapes.  Recently I received a new toy that is a perfect blending of digital and physical play for children.  My little ones just loved playing with this new way of learning shapes and colors.

The Tiggly comes with 4 basic shapes in primary colors which the child places onto the iPad.  But wait - not just the iPad, but onto one of three iPad Apps in the App store by Tiggly.  In the App store you will find Tiggly Safari, Tiggly Stamp and Tiggly Draw all down-loadable for free. 

Tiggly Safari use the colorful shapes to construct friendly animals from the jungle, farm and sea.  Tiggly Draw unleashes your artistic and musical inner self by creating digital works of art, music and imaginary creatures.  Tiggly Stamp - go ahead, be creative and create jack-o'-lanterns to igloos to build seasonally themed scenes and tell stories about what you created.

Don't worry about where you'll keep those colorful shapes as Tiggly has thought of everything with the two little draw string pouches included with each set. 

For more information click here.




Zig-Zag Xylo Train


This adorable little train makes your little one the choo-choo conductor of their own concert.  Created as two toys-in-one, this adorable toy is actually a train which folds into a xylophone - simply ingenious!  Develop your child's gross motor skills, sensory use of hands and eyes, and their emotional development with the Zig-Zag Xylo Train.  The little Zig-Zag Xylo Train is perfect for children 18 months and older.  From its lightweight design and beautiful coloring this little pull behind toy will entertain your child with their own special music.
The Zig-Zag Xylo Train comes with three train cars all hooked together, a pull string for easy pulling and an attached mallet.  The train folds for easy storing and all parts are connected to prevent loss of pieces/parts. 

For more information click here.




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